2nd Annual Town Wide Garage Sale!

Garage Sale

Don’t miss a great opportunity

Get your unwanted or outgrown treasures sold!

Start preparing to be a part of the 2nd Annual Town Wide Garage Sale sponsored by The Woman’s Club of USR. The date is Saturday, September 29th with a rain date of Sunday, September 30th. The time is 9am to 4pm.

You host the sale at your home–or rent a space for your table at The Firehouse if you have smaller items to sell.

For the small fee of $30, we get your permit, do the advertising, and provide buyers with a map indicating the location of the Firehouse and the streets with homes having sales.


Let your neighbors know that this is a great day to have a sale, too!

Details and a downloadable application form are on our website (usrwomansclub.org).

Send checks and application forms by September 20th to  The Woman’s Club of USR,   PO Box 645, in Saddle River.

Start locating those treasures to sell now!



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