The Woman’s Club of Upper Saddle River

Who Are We?

Founded in 1954, The Woman’s Club of Upper Saddle River is a group of women who work together in our town and in the greater community supporting educational and charitable pursuits.

What Do We Do?

We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month (except September, November and sometimes January when we meet on the second Tuesday) at 7:00 pm at the USR Library.

We focus on volunteerism and social outreach, plan socials and trips to promote friendships, and mix in occasional fundraisers to benefit our charitable causes.

What Are Our Causes?

Since 1986, we have sponsored an annual Essay and Poetry Contest in Upper Saddle River Schools to support excellence in writing.

We award a student for Academic Excellence at Northern Highlands Regional High School Graduation, and, at Cavallini Middle School Graduation, we award students for excellence in Writing–for the Cardinal Newspaper, and the Yearbook.

Since 2001, we have sponsored an annual Baby Shower to support the children in need. Recently, our donations support Baby Basics at Children’s Aid and Family Services in Paramus and The Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center in Hawthorne. We donate year round as needs arise.

We led our town on a path to better health with our TEAM USR program, we support and man shifts at The Community Thrift Shop in Midland Park, and volunteer at the annual 5K Thanksgiving Day Run in Upper Saddle River. Check our Philanthropy page for a current list of organizations that benefit from our fund raising efforts.

We respond to other local needs as they arise–for example, the recent Ambulance Fund Drive and the redecoration of the Children’s Room at the the USR Library.  Historically, we were the club that fund-raised to provide our police with their first bullet-proof vests, and were instrumental in starting our town’s public library.

Our Hearts are open!

We have a long and active history—and we plan a bright future!

Please consider joining us!

Nona Maher – President: 201-934-9562

Joanne Wagner and Donna Bach-Membership Chairs

Joanne: 201-788-1113 and Donna: 201-264-4357

*Thanks to our website sponsor – The Breslow Center

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